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Past Life Regression Therapy

Understand and heal your karma. Make way for a better future. 

Past Life Regression is an exciting method where you travel back through the subconscious mind to childhood or earlier lives in order to experience, clarify and dissolve earlier negative patterns, phobias, neuroses and other physical or mental inhibitions /hindrances which affect the present.

This technique can be used as a means for you to gain insight into a current problem by looking at its origins, and then handling it in a quick and effective manner.

Past Life Regression can be perceived as a language of the subconscious mind. Therefore it is not actually necessary to believe in reincarnation in order to experience and/or benefit from Past Life Regression.

If you are a person who DOES have a belief in reincarnation, it can be extremely interesting to experience earlier incarnations or lifetimes which give insight into why you react as you do in your current lifetime.

It is also a method to better understand otherwise confusing or disturbing relationships to family, friends and colleagues, perhaps leading to a different perception of our universe and the meaning or purpose of your life.

How does it work?

You will begin your Past Life Regression by  relaxing on a treatment couch as you are guided through special relaxation exercises.  You may want to cover your eyes to avoid distractions from the light.  After sinking into a deeply relaxing meditative state, you experience your journey full of pictures and emotions. 

You may describe the experience as similar to being in a film, but where you also feel feelings, smell smells and taste tastes just as in real life.

You will do most of the talking while I, as the Regression Specialist, guide and help you along the way. You are always aware enough to be able to leave the Regression experience at any time. 

Typically you will remember everything after a Past Life Regression, and in fact may even see details more clearly in the hours and days which follow.

What if I can’t go into the alpha state (a light trance)?

This is certainly the question I am asked the most. Many factors enter into a Past Life Regression.   Though most clients are able to reach a state conducive to a Past Life Regression, there can be various types of blocking, distractions, fears or worries, which may influence a person’s ability to experience a deep state of relaxation necessary for a Past  Life Regression. 

Another scenario I sometimes meet during a regression is that a client sees darkness as he stands waiting for clarity as to where he has gone. Though he may be between lives and therefore just needs to be brought a little forward or back in time, he may begin to over analyze in the brief waiting time, saying to himself  “am I really in trance, will I be able to do this,” etc, making it difficult to move on.  He may be experiencing anxiety or fears about going forward to investigate his original goal.

Whatever the reason, we can simply stop the session and reschedule. The first regression is absolutely the most difficult for most of my clients and needs to be talked about. I recommend one or two Reiki sessions to clear energetic blockage.

There are other options in the middle of a regression which would allow a person to “learn the process in a gentle manner.” I can use a technique where I take my client gradually back to a positive and happy time first in his early childhood, counting backwards to younger ages until the trance is perhaps deep enough to spring over to an earlier incarnation.

Every session ends with a spiritual healing.

Enjoy this wonderful experience which can help you to understand your own karma or life path. You may be more open to different life experiences and may be less fearful of life generally. Each Past Life Regression is a very personal experience and will be different from anyone else's.

A regression session lasts around 2 hours.  The price is $220.

Disclaimer: Past Life Regression should not be seen as a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric treatment.

I will not conduct, nor do I recommend Past Life Regression if you are receiving medication for, or are being treated for any mental disorders such as bipolar disorder,  schizophrenia, psychosis or if you are experiencing mental instability.

Please consult your own doctor for further advice.



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