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with Carol Lei Bendell-Wiers

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is an effective and gentle form of alternative treatment which can diminish or alleviate stress-related imbalances in the body.

Through craniosacral therapy, entrapped or impinged nerves can be freed, blood flow to the brain may increase resulting in improved concentration and the central nervous system will come to function more efficiently, creating a sense of calm and wellbeing after a treatment, and often alleviating pain in the head, neck, shoulders and back.

During a treatment the patient lies on his back on a comfortable treatment table while the gentlest pressure is applied at specific places on the head, neck and sacrum. Treatment is holistic. The patient experiences a deep and pleasant state of relaxation. Tension in the joints and sutures between bones are loosened, membranes relax, nerve function improves, and blood and cerebrospinal fluid circulate more freely.

I often combine craniosacral therapy with neuromuscular treatment for shoulder, neck and back problems, choosing the optimal combination of techniques for my client.

I specialize in Headaches/ migraines, both acute and chronic;

  TMJ: jaw tension and teeth grinding;  facial tics;

neck, shoulder, and back tension pain; 

whiplash symptoms, both fresh and old whiplash. 

 A treatment session costs $90.








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